Budget 2021 - Disability Matters

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Inclusion Ireland believes that persons with disabilities should live self-determined lives and that Budget 2021 provides an opportunity for the Government to create a more equal & just society for people with disabilities across Ireland.

Inclusion Ireland have put together - through our consultations with people with intellectual disabilities and their families around the country - 4 key action areas for Budget 2021 and the main asks in relation to them. These are:

  1. Invest in inclusive education

  2. Provide rights-based services

  3. Support community inclusion

  4. Enable equality and participation

We have developed a Contact Your TD tool so that people with intellectual disabilities and their families can get in touch with their local TD’s and ask them to raise disability issues as part of the Budget 2021 process.

Below is a sample email with Inclusion Ireland’s main Budget 2021 priorities. You can send this email or edit the content to write what issues are most important to you.

You can then choose your local constituency and email your local representatives.

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